Here's a typical day at the kennels.

Good Morning!


Our day starts around 5:30am with a complete walk through of all the animals we care for. We open up to let our little ones out to potty and make sure everyone had a good night sleep.

Breakfast is served between 6am and 8am.

Daytime Activities


Every dog has a different experience based on their needs and age. Active dogs on the medium to large size get to go to a play yard. While we don't mix dogs from other families, we do match them up with a neighbor who wants to play at the fenceline. If that's not exciting enough, one of the kennels attendants will play ball or run around with them for play time. Olderdogs go on walkabout so they can get out and have a change of scenery.

Smaller dogs get one on one playtime with the kennel attendant or office manager. 

Some may end up in the office to hang out.

We also do lunch feedings for dogs that are fed more than twice a day.

Dinner and Bedtime


Dinner feedings generally start around 3pm. Everyone is returned to their own kennels and dinner is served. The kennel attendants check on bedding, make sure they're ready for the evening, and clean up after dinner.

Around 8pm a final walk-through is done to make sure everyone has bedding for the night and our little ones are secured. Dogs occupying condos have access to their private yards through out the night to relieve themselves as needed.