Rainy Day Procedures

Mud - Great for the skin. Bad for your car.

As most of you already know if it's raining or has been raining call us first to check road conditions. If it's super muddy we'll let you know and schedule a time to meet you at the bottom. This is the only time we will transport your pet up or down the hill.

History - This kennel has been here for 40 years without any changes to the road. It's mostly owned by US Forestry and as such we can't really do anything to it. 

Here's what you do: Plan ahead - call and schedule a time to meet at the bottom. We'll let you know if it conflicts with another drop off or pick up. Be flexible and remember that we may have several families coming in and out. Park on our side of the street out of the way - either in front of the house to the right or along the fence coming on to the road where the 2nd Bouquet Canyon Kennels sign is.

Remember that Bouquet is a busy 2-lane road. Make sure your pet's collar and leash are secure to make the exchange easier. 

And lastly, on average, LA gets some kind of precipitation 23 days per year which means you only have  a 6% chance of having to plan for rain.